Camera Lens Calibration Wizard Locking Up

I am trying to setup a N-75 camera, but Lightburn keeps locking up during the camera lens calibration. I had the newest version of Lightburn during the first few attempts. I installed the previous version and it is doing the same thing. As soon as I take 1 capture shot, it freezes. I have rebooted my computer several times and alternated USB ports, but it didn’t help.

Does anyone else have this issue?

since the updates my camera has also been acting up. I have to switch between laptop camera and LB camera to get it to show up. The alignment seems less accurate also. I am using a trocen controller

Do you have your controller in ‘Soft Origin’ mode?

The new update doesn’t change the accuracy of the camera - in fact, no code related to the camera system has changed in the last three updates (0.9.15 was the last time we did camera code work).

Does your laser have a honeycomb bed, and if so, is it visible? This is one of the first things mentioned in the documentation for the calibration, which I highly recommend reading:

I have a trocen controller and yes under “work mode” then “origin mode” it is set as “soft orgin”.

Yes, it has a honeycomb bed. I covered the entire bed (16”x24”) with a large, flat piece of cardboard. I added additional led lighting, so the bed is highly visible. I am sometimes able to take the 1st capture picture, but then the buttons on the wizard lock up. I am able to close out of the wizard and start the process over, but I cannot get past the 1st capture picture without it locking up.

I have a Ruida controller. Do I need to change any settings for the camera calibration?

I watched both the Lightburn camera install video along with a video from Myers Woodshop.

You’ve said that the wizard is “locking up”, but then you said you were able to close it, which tells me that it’s not locked exactly, but might not be doing what you expect. Can you show me a screen shot of what it looks like when it’s locked?

The capture button gets grayed out and won’t let me click it again. I can take some screenshots this afternoon.

Here is a picture of my laser bed. I mounted the camera 20” above the bed. I think the minimum for the n-75 is around 19”. Painters tape was just for the placement of the mount.

Here are 3 different examples of where the wizard freezes. The text turns ‘gray’ and won’t let me click to move forward to the next step.

Go to Settings, and at the bottom, change the capture system from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’. The custom one is newer, and uses the GPU to reduce the CPU load on your system, but it’s also more sensitive to video drivers, permissions, etc. Try the other mode and that will likely work.

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