Camera lens calibration

my camera is four feet above the laser bed , and does not recognise the dot pattern when i place it on the bed for lens distortion setup.

Would it be ok to scale up the pattern and print it larger?

or is it better to hand-hold the pattern nearer the camera?


The dot pattern does not need to be on the bed - it needs to fill an area roughly 1/3 wide and high in the camera view. You can either hold the pattern closer, or print it larger.

If you haven’t watched the calibration video walk-through, you should, as I talk about this a bit.


thank you for the fast response

most helpful

I successfully installed a camera in my K40 this weekend but I had some problems with the dot pattern camera calibration. I found that the pattern was not being recognized. It was never found in the image. I was using a lightburn camera that I bought so it was not the hardware.

My K40 is customized with a diy z-table with a honeycomb bed. It turned out that the honeycomb dot pattern looked like the printed dot pattern. The holes in the honeycomb were about the same size as the dots. Lightburn was not able to find the dot pattern so all I ever got was a pattern not found error. I resolved this by covering my bed with plain paper so that the honeycomb dots were covered. After this, lightburn was able to see the dot pattern. This should be part of the video or instructions to help others.


Thank you - I’ll make a note of this. Also, nice sticker. :slight_smile:


I also really like the sticker. I have not seen any dragon powered lasers before.

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Any new stickers coming soon?!

I put a LightBurn sticker on every laser I sell, as well as on all my own. Some even get C3D stickers.

I fought for 30 minutes trying to calibrate the camera until I found this thread. The white paper on the laser bed solved the issue.

Finally! I have been pulling my hair out trying to calibrate the camera. Just happened to have some white poster board nearby and now my camera is calibrated. Thanks.

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