Camera Lens help

What lens will suit my bed size 1800x1200 ? I cant get my head round how to work this out so what do you recommened thanks. Ive also been searching and reading up on this but can work out my bed size

Consider where you will place the camera. That is the critical datum for this type of installation. Many users, myself included, have a cover that will remain open in a solidly fixed position. As such, it is well suited for a camera mount. Some users have created a strut to keep the lid in a fixed position. Presuming that you have something similar, reference the center (left-to-right) of your cover to the point you’d attach the camera.

Measure from that point to the bed, in a manner remaining perpendicular to the bed. This dimension is then placed into the calculation for the camera lens angle.

Pop your largest bed dimension (1800) into the calculator linked below.

You’ll also need to measure height you can mount your camera - it’s popular to place it on the lift-up door so it has a good, high view when lifted, but that doesn’t fit all machines.

Those 2 numbers get put into this calculator and it’ll estimate which camera/lens combo you need.

This field calculator needs to be on the page with the cameras you sell. Sure would cut down on the confusion. Once I found this and got my number, I ordered my camera immediately.

I threw together that calculator in google sheets 2 weeks ago as I thought it was a more intuitive way to figure it out the right camera based on your dimensions.

Oz might eventually decide to use something like that on the website, but I’d rather him get the next release out, personally!

Thanks everyone the camera will be around 900mm high so will I choose a 160 degree lens?

I noticed you are out of stock on 160 degree lens?

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