Camera lens replacement

Wondering if I can order a replacement lens of a different angle instead of buying another camera? Currently have the 8mp 110 degree camera.

The housing that the lens threads into is much shorter on the 110 degree camera. I don’t think you’d be able to properly focus the 95 if you swapped them. Is mounting the camera closer to the bed of the laser an option for you?

I have the Boss 2440. I am not sure on where I could mount it. Any suggestions??

I don’t have a Boss 2440, or know their dimensions by heart, so I might need a bit more than that. :slight_smile: Is it possible to mount the camera part of the way down the lid, so it’s closer to the bed when the lid is up?

I mounted it lower on the lid. A little skewed but got good alignment and calibration. Now how do I get it to trace something and get all the edges? A suggestion of a video showing how to do this and get good edges would be great. I have some patterns I am trying to scan and not able to do a satisfactory job.

It’s possible to do this if you have really good contrast between the shape and the background, so putting down white paper and making sure you have good even lighting is where I’d start.

That said, it’s not a scanner - if the objects are small, you probably won’t get the accuracy you want.