Camera lid postioning problem

My lid has a little positioning problem, so the camera is always in different position.
Approx 1-2 mm difference.
I always open the lid with the same method, but not fix. How can I solve it?

I experienced a similar problem with my laser. I replaced the gas struts with equivalent length fixed aluminum tubes (square, but cylinders would work) and now have a solidly mounted camera. The laser is never operated without safety glasses being worn as the protection of the closed cover is lost in this manner of operation.

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As you have correctly identified, the camera calibration relies on the camera either returning to the same position or being mounted in a fixed position.

For eye and fire safety and the sake of good extraction I would not recommend putting your cutters lid/access door in a fixed open position. However, it certainly would be a solution to the problem you are having, though against all recommendations and would create other problems.

What is the size of your working area, what is the height you have mounted your camera? Though it is best to mount the camera as centrally as possible over the work area, it is possible, using calibration, to mount the camera in a fixed position for example at the back work area near where the lid hinges. Alternately, depending on the size and height of your machine it might also be possible to mount a camera with the lid in the closed position for operation?

Otherwise new/improved gas struts and some checking/tightening of hinges could be the answer.

Thank you for your answer. I don’t want to use the machine with an open lid.
Safety and fume extraction is the first.
On the center of the lid, there is the mount. It is in a good position. I can see the whole working area.
Does anybody use a small wire rope to catch the lid in the 95% open position? The struts push but the wire will hold in the same place. Maybe…

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I don’t see any reason not to try that, other than that your gas struts might not be capable of holding the lid in position unless fully extended, but really only you are in a position to find out. Stay safe!

The over-center portion of the gas struts covers a large percentage of the rotation, perhaps more than half. Your idea to restrain the cover with steel cable is a good one.

You’d have the convenience and safety of a closed cover when operating and a consistent opening position. Great idea.

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