Camera lighting and focus

HELLO ALL! I recently installed a Lightburn 8mp 85 deg camera on my Boss 5535, with the lens mounted at 42 7/8" from table bed. When I look at the live view in the software, the image is quite small. I really want to zoom in but I don’t know how if I am able to. It’s almost impossible to manually focus the lens because the image is so far away. Also any recommendations for lighting when using the camera?
Any tips are greatly appreciated.

You can undock the Camera window and make it bigger.

I have my light mounted near the camera.

Thank you for your response.
I’ve done this already and it still isn’t enough, I printed 4" tall letters, placed them under the camera and on my laptop screen with the camera window undocked and maximized the letters are less than 3/4" on my screen. I need a camera that can zoom in or a 50" monitor. LOL.
Thank you again.

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Has anyone had to twist the lens manually? to try and focus?
Additionally I’ve noticed that my lens won’t calibrate at all unless I place a white background on top of my entire laser bed. When I do this then the fun begins with the capturing the printed circles. Oh boy,… the image is so far away I repeatedly have to capture the image over and over until I get an acceptable score in order to proceed. I mean sometimes i have to capture 10 or 15 times before I get a good score. Also the image that is captured changes drastically from very skewed to funky fish eyed to upside down and eventually at the near end of wearing out my mouse button I get a properly orientated image.
Does this sound right?
Anyone else being challenged like this?
Makes me think I got the wrong camera.

You probably want the 16MP Arducam with a varifocal lens attached. It’s awesome resolution because you can set the zoom to fit the image to cover the 4 corners of the bed, nothing more, nothing less.

Twisting a regular lens in and out only adjusts the focus. The FOV does shift a bit but it’s not an adjustment because you have to set it at the point where it’s focused or your image is trash

I still had problems with image gain, though. These cameras are automatic gain and what typically happened is the small-cell honeycomb appears pretty dark to the camera and most often that’s the majority of the FOV, so the camera auto-adjusts its levels for that. But then you put a white piece of paper on the bed and can’t see writing on it or its edges because it’s wildly overexposed

Thanks for your response. I looked for the 16mp you described with the verifocal lens and didn’t find it. Can you tell me where I can purchase

You won’t actually use that wide angle lens, but the alternative is an autofocus version which you don’t want.!USD!2.00!1.90!!!2.00!1.90!%402101fb1217189494175923729e7c46!66475236848!sea!US!1765553!&curPageLogUid=FjudkCkkoyzz&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

I am working on how to use the 64MP Arducam on a Raspberry Pi. I haven’t gotten too far yet. It’s got an autofocus but I think it can just be removed.

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The manual focus lense from Alli is available in 6-22mm or the 2.8-12mm.
The 9-22mm version is no longer available or out of stock.
Which should I choose?