Camera location question

Could I mount a camera from my overhead light?
Or would that be too far away?

You would need to measure the distance, then go to ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’ for options.

But, the camera must be mounted in a way that it does not move. It looks like your light is hanging from chains that will most likely move beyond acceptable tolerances. I suggest mounting to something more stable and will not move in any direction once secure.

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the response.
If the distance is not too far, my plan would be to add a metal cross brace someplace by the light.
I was more concerned about the distance from the bed of the machine.
I will check out the help section.

Hi Rick,
Finally took some dimensions and the camera will be mounted 48" from the machine bed.
Would like to know if this will work.
Also, this might sound dumb, but I cannot find the “help” section that you mentioned.

It will only work if the light is mounted rigidly to the ceiling, such that it cannot move relative to the position of the laser.

Whoa! i’m confused!
Can LightBurn be used for a CNC?
How is it controlling Z?
very interesting!

You have posted to an existing thread about camera support. Your questions should be a new post.

LightBurn is designed for Laser control. Some folks have used the GCode generated as a starting point to drive other CNC based equipment, but that is outside the intended use and will require post-editing to get things to work for your setup.

Z Axis control is handled in LightBurn when enabled and your control system supports this 3rd axis control.

I use LightBurn to control my laser and Picsender to control my CNC
I could use LightBurn for both, but I like the jogging controls in Picsender better.
I have two macros set up in LightBurn. one for the laser and one for the CNC

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