Camera loses alignment LightBurn 1.6.00

I have two computers, 2 laser machines, 2 separate cameras.
Recently the camera loses alignment, on both computers.
The “camera alignment” operation works well, but after closing the software and restarting again Camera loses alignment.
Has anyone encountered this problem?

I’m having a similar issue. Did the camera alignment only to have it no longer aligned the next time I needed it.

Hi David, Nir

When we mean Lose alignment it becomes not precise, or you have to run the full calibration process from start?

just the “calibrate camera alignment” .
the lens calibration stays ok.
It only started happening after the last update.

Same for me, camera alignment only, so far

Questions @niki21 @dgrant

Could you guys give the 1.6.01 beta a try and see if the probem persists:

I will try it later today as I’m at work this moment. The reported updates to the patch, I didn’t think it mentioned camera alignment though. Will try it anyway and report

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As I type this, I’m cutting now. Yes, I did the camera alignment over again and yes, the “Camera Control” tab now allowed me to reset things back to zero. I’ll know after this cut, exiting and re-starting the software.

I can already see that its not properly aligned. Even entering X shifts and Y shifts, it doesn’t match what is being cut” disregard please.

I forgot to realign the camera lens prior to commencing this operation. Upon doing so, now it lines up, nearly perfectly. I’ll have to do it all again to be sure. Project is still running at this time.

The next day, today, I placed the original alignment target piece into the machine. It was aligned first time! Whatever you LB did, it appears to have fixed. Just a reminder though, you (LB) might want to warn people updating to a higher level of LB, that camera calibrations are necessary each time.

Another day:
There’s still an issue with the camera. When starting up another day, I quickly found that the alignment of the camera layout was fine therefore that portion of it was stored. However, pulling up the “Update Overlay” while its processing, I see that its once again, not aligned but ONLY because of the camera lens itself. If, on the “Camera Control” tab, I select, deselect the camera, then reselect the camera again, this fixes this issue. BUT…sorry, once the job was done, it was back to being out of alignment.

Final thoughts for this posting: The camera alignment software still needs to be revisited, revised, carefully examined and finally, tested. Its not working as I think the programmers intended and its certainly not working for the users unless I’m badly screwing up. lol, always a possibility!

The main issue that I’m seeing with LB 1.6 and 1.6.01 is that the camera overlay seems to work, however, while process is running, touching the overlay button shows the process not in the exact same position as it was supposed to be. Place to cut/burn and actual place being burned or cut, not the same

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