Camera Losing Alignment

Installed my 8mp 95degree camera using the lightburn printed mount yesterday.
Went through the calibrate lens and alignment and everything was working.
Unplugged the camera to rerun the usb cables and the alignment was off.
Redid the alignment and use 200% scale. Worked all evening. Started again this morning and alignment is off over 2 inches. Hinges are not movable and the camera is mounted with the VHB tape on the laser lid. Not sure if it losing alignment when the camera disconnects ?

Boss LS3655 100 watt. Windows 10
Lightburn 0.9.11

I did some further testing, Shutdown the pc, Restarting lightburn, restarting laser and it is holding fairly accurately. May have been a fluke…


Is it off the same direction or are there any similarities when it loses focus? Are you 100% sure the mount isn’t moving in any direction?

The mount is solid and not moving. It seems that if I do a camera alignment. It is not as accurate if I run at a scale of 100 or 125. If I run at 200 or 300 scale the alignment more accurate.

Does the size of the laser bed determine the scale you should run on the calibration ? If I run at 300 the accuracy is spot on.

You should run the alignment at the largest scale you can, yes.

I assume you have to do a re-calibration if you change lens that requires a new focus distance.

I found that if you change the focus at all, even with the same lens, you need to do a new alignment. You can see this. Just adjust focus and you’ll see the image move. Also, if you’re using the 3D printed mount check that the camera isn’t moving in the mount. There is some play. Some thin foam will alleviate this.

The camera system assumes that the focus distance doesn’t change. If you have a lens tube and change your focus height, you’d have to redo the alignment. If you have a movable Z table, and focus that way, the height of the material surface doesn’t change, so there’s no need to re-align.

Sorry, i should have clarified. I meant if you change the focus of the camera by rotating the lens tube, you need to do a new alignment.

Great, Thanks for the info… I am running at 350 scale and it works well for my bed.

As an possible feature, could you store different calibration information and recall it instead of rerunning the calibration.
ie : 2" , 2.5, 4

If the camera position does not change and all variables are static except the laser lens, Could you just run a calibration for each and store them to recall at when you change lens ?


Yes - that’s what the right-click menu in the Camera Control window is for. You can export / import camera calibration info, which allows you to share the data across multiple computers easily, or use a different calibration for different focus lenses.

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Thank You. Did not know about the right click…

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