Camera mount and degree selection

With a 90 degree lens and a 500mm bed my mounting would need to be about 358mm above the bed. Understand that much but the mounting is where I start to run aground. The center of my bed when the lid is open is right in the middle of the plexi window and it is about 490mm from the bed (when in focus).

I don’t mind mounting into the plexi window and it wouldn’t block much view but I am concerned about the distance being too great and loss of clarity. Would like to order the LB camera soon and hoping I could get some input that would help me choose the right degree for my mounting location issue. I am of course assuming that centering the camera is always best.

Can you post a picture of your machine with the lid open?

You could mount closer to the hinge with a 120 or 140 lens. With a 500mm bed, you have to worry less about distortion inaccuracy from the fisheye effect than someone with a 1000mm or larger machine.

If you mount the 90 deg in the “elbow” of the lid, or at the handle mount points, you’ll be higher than necessary, but not enough to affect your accuracy noticeably.

Another possibility would be to mount a wider angle lens at the bottom of the viewing window, angled toward the bed, but then with the lid closed you’d just see the back of the machine.

I am going to go with a mount at the elbow by the handle and with the 90 degree lens. I am not concerned with viewing with the camera when the lid is closed and running a job, more so it is about being able to position text and graphics to materials on the bed with the greatest degree of accuracy that I can. I was concerned with positioning of the camera to avoid any tapering effect at the back of the bed but that doesn’t sound like it would be any real issue.

Thank you again for your expertise.

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I have the exact same machine. Which degree did you go with and how did it work out for you? Thanks

I went with the 90 degree and from the mounting point it covers the entirety of the bed.