Camera Mount position

We have received a camera for our Laser (bought form Lightburn) after watching the video on how to set up the camera and can not see any recommended mounting position other then what is seen on the few seconds of the video showing where it’s been positioned.
We have a laser with a bed of 700x530 and would be grateful on any advice on how to find the best position to mount the camera.
Thank you all in advance
Karl and Esme

I paused the video as soon as I could see where the camera had been mounted. It appears to be set in the middle of the first diagonal of the lid above the ventilation slots and roughly halfway between the handle bolts on the lid. This means the camera has a nearly vertical view onto the bed when the lid is open.

I then ran the cable through the right-hand mounting bracket for the perspex window and through the small hole behind the gas lift cartridge. I then drilled an 8mm hole just above the USB ports to allow the cable to exit the casing. The 8mm hole is just large enough to pass the small end of the cable through, so you need to feed it in reverse then up to the camera. I used the self-stick lugs to attach the cable ties to the cable to hold the run in place so there’s no droop. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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