Camera Mounting on Boss 1420

I mounted my camera very simply, just cutting a 4mm piece of acrylic with two holes (1.55 inch diameter) about 3.8 inches apart so I could use the lid handle bolts to attach the camera to the lid. I just used some UV epoxy to attach the camera module to the acrylic

With the 4 mm acrylic the existing bolts were not long enough so I needed to purchase two M4-07 x 30 mm socket heads from Home Depot (about $1). These new bolts were then about .05 inches to long to snug into the handle so I added a thin washer between the acrylic and the case. The handle was able to attach nicely after that.

Can you post a quick picture of your camera install?

It is a bit difficult to see, the camera is just glued to a piece of clear acrylic and mounted using the handle bolts. I described the size and type of the necessary bolts in another post here.

The picture is sideways, the camera is actually looking straight down over the middle of the bed.