Camera mounting position

Hello all this is probably a really daft question but when mounting the camera to my laser do i have to calibrate it with the lid up or down
many thanks in advance

Hello as a newbie i would like to thank everyone who invested their time into answering my question .

For the lens calibration it doesn’t matter, as that’s just getting the camera distortion sorted, but you do want it to be as still as possible, and for the card to be evenly-lit. For the alignment you want the lid down (if the camera is mounted to the lid) and still.

thankyou very much i appreciate that

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You’re welcome! Hope it helps!

I think you mean “up”, to put the camera lens axis approximately perpendicular to the platform and roughly centered over it.

With the lid down, the camera will be looking at a very low angle.


Many thanks it really has so i might get somewhere now i really appreciate your help

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Depends on the setup! My gweike faces the bed when the lid is down, but yes, definitely whatever position faces the bed!

Today I learned …

Based on what I read around here, though, would it be reasonable to assume Gweike does everything differently? :grimacing:

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