Camera not accurate, need some help please

Hi, I’m struggeling to get the get the camera working properly.
When I draw an image it is not on point. How do I fix this?

Start by reading this (the second half is probably most relevant):

I’m confused Oz, calibration wasn’t an issue this time. I did al the mentioned steps. But it’s the fine tuning of the position of the head in relation to the captured image that’s my problem now. I wish the were some buttons the ‘correct’ the head to the right place.

That’s why I told you to read the parts after the calibration stuff, talking about not moving the lid, proper Z height, and so on.

And for fine tuning …

okay thanks, I read all the relevant stuff and tried and checked this. still doesn’t get it right.

Can you be more specific / less vauge?

The camera is mounted on the lid. The lid is completely open throughout the entire process. It recognizes the sheet with the dots with excellent values, when I go the process with the numbers and the crosshairs, it finishes nicely. But when after this all is done, I try to use camera control, i refresh the overlay, draw a circle on a location of the overlay, it still doesn’t sent the head to the exact location it is off ( >3cm) on both axis’s. I don’t have a clue what to try next.

When you did the number marking, you let the laser itself run that job, correct? Didn’t re-use an old one? Did you change the scale?

Actually I did both, let the laser do one and one time I did re-use one. The scale was up to 200%.

Re-using it is why it didn’t work - the laser has to do it because it has to be in exactly the right place.

Thanks for the help Oz, today I managed to do it all over again, with different lighting in my shop and now it works fine!

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