Camera not capturing image with my Mac

I am working with a tech from Thunder laser to install my camera and we are not able to capture image. The camera has been installed and he was able to do a third party webcam image but going through Lightburn we are unable to capture images. Thank you for any advice you might have. We do have the permission box checked for the Lightburn camera :slight_smile:

Do you know which camera you have? When you say “3rd party webcam image” do you mean the LightBurn camera is working in other apps, like FaceTime, but not in LightBurn? Are you able to view the FaceTime camera from within LightBurn?

HMMMM I am not sure which camera I have. I ordered from Thunder with my Nova51/130 The box it came in does not have any ID on it nor the paperwork that was received in that box. The tech went on an app and was able to access my Lightburn camera and take a picture but not through my Mac while working remotely on my Mac. I hope this helps you. I am LOST on this stuff ha ha

Are you able to view the FaceTime camera from within LightBurn?
Are you able to view an image from the LightBurn camera when running Facetime?

Yes my FaceTime camera just showed up in Lightburn when I clicked on that. I am not near my laser right now to check the other. But to clarify …I will plug the Lightburn camera into my Mac and scroll onto the FaceTime option while in Lightburn?

I meant, if you run Facetime, and select the LightBurn camera as the input (without running LightBurn at all) do you see an image from it? Trying to determine if the camera itself is working.

I am so sorry for the delay…learning all the things on this new laser is killing me lol So no it does not show a picture from my camera. I click on the Lightburn camera#2 and nothing happens in FaceTime…It will say capturing image but nothing happens and that just stays on there. My FaceTime camera works just fine. I have the camera connected to my Mac with the adapter for USB. I hope I am making sense for you. Technology gets confusing to this old brain ha ha ha

Can you measure the camera (just the board, really). If it’s an 8mp camera, but 9mm wide and 62mm long, it won’t be Mac compatible.

BINGO…wrong camera for Mac. I called Thunder and they are sending a new one. THANK YOU for your help!

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Glad to hear this is getting sorted.

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