Camera not in sink with artwork

I just reinstalled my camera and calibrated it. I placed my artwork on my wood and out of curiosity I framed it but the frame and placement of the artwork are not synched. Why is that? It’s about an inch off.

Some common reasons include:

  • You may not have calibrated the camera well
  • The camera may have moved (or the surface such as your lid that it is mounted to may have shifted slightly)
  • The distance from the top of material to the camera is different from the distance you calibrated the camera to

I calibrated it last week but the camera was too far away so I dropped it down lower and recalibrated it. When I did it the first time it had me capture pictures that had to be within a cretain range. This time it did not ask for that. Is it still taking calibrations from last time? I thogh it would reset when I did the new placement. It said I was good to go.

You should only have to do the lens calibration once, unless you change the camera or lens. The alignment part would need to be done again if you move the camera placement, or change the focus height of the laser.

Make sure that you set the top of the material to the focus point of the laser first, then do the camera capture - the top of the material has to be the same distance from the camera as the markers were when you ran the alignment.

So I’m a little confused because I have seen 2 different ways this is done. I have seen videos of the circle sheet that you use but when I try to calibrate it through my lightburn app it is different and no mention of the circles. Just has me burn the emblems in the four corners and focus on them.

The circle pattern is to calibrate the lens of the camera, so LightBurn can measure the amount and the pattern of the lens distortion. The 4 targets are the camera alignment, which tells LightBurn the relative orientation and position of the camera, and how to scale the image that it sees to match the area of your laser.

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