Camera not picking up Black dots


I’m trying to install a Lightburn camera but have had no success. The camera is, of course, quite a distance from the bed so not sure if this is what is causing the issue but when I try and calibrate it with the Black dots it says they cannot be found.
When I press Capture image on the calibration it takes about 10 minutes to say they cannot be found which seems very long…

Is there a way to zoom in - I have looked for a setting but can’t seem to find this as Ideally I only want the bed to be visible?
Just a thought would mounting the camera the other way around help with a more narrow picture?

Any help would be appreciated. Images attached to show the setup.


Camera calibration issues are one of the most cited and thoroughly investigated issues on this forum. I suggest doing a search and reviewing some of the remedies from those other posts.

If after investigating and you’re still having issues, please document what adjustments and troubleshooting steps you’ve attempted and I’m sure someone can help address.

Please also keep in mind that with a LightBurn camera you have the option of using one of the preconfigured calibrations instead of doing it yourself.

Thanks for the reply, I have worked through the forum but cannot find what I am looking for on here. I tried the preset settings but it was out.
Also I wanted to try crop the image so when I use it in lightburn I just have the Bed but not sure if this is possible

Start with the FAQ items for this:
The camera doesn’t find the lens calibration pattern (pattern NOT found) - FAQ - LightBurn Software Forum
Tips for calibrating / aligning the camera - FAQ - LightBurn Software Forum

Doing a search for “camera calibration” will bring up a large number of search returns for issues that people have had.

Can you explain what this means?

This is addressed as part of the alignment process. Only the usable portion of the camera capture will be projected onto your workspace.

Have you read through the documentation for this?
Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

The camera seems ‘far away’ did you use the ‘Help → Camera Selection Help’

Yours is much higher than I see on the chart…

Screenshot from 2022-01-12 09-20-06

Might need a ‘longer’ lens.

Also, if you downloaded the ‘dot’ and used the png. Yours looks kind of large. Assume it’s an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I had to load it into gimp to get it to print the correct size, which is the small one. The original png is underneath…

It’s glued to a piece of flat cardboard.

Don’t know how or if this effects the calibration…

This ‘size’ was mentioned in the Lightburn camera video…

Good luck


Actual scale of the image should not matter as long as the full image is still used. What’s important, though, is that the pattern fill the expected portion of the capture. Basically 1/9th of the screen should be filled for each capture.

@jkwilborn rightly points out that flatness is indeed very important to avoid introducing distortion. Resting on a flat surface or taping is not ideal and may be insufficiently flat.

Thank you both. If my bed is portrait shaped when doing the Black dots step should the paper be placed horizontal or vertical? Vertical would allow me to match 1/9th better but the calibration seems to prefer horizontal

I managed to calibrate it but it was around 5mm out Horizontally and vertically so still playing around with it

Your bed is irrelevant to the calibration process. In fact, you can remove the camera off the laser entirely to do the calibration portion. It’s only relevant for the alignment.

Orient both the camera and the pattern in the same way. So if the camera is in landscape, the pattern should likewise be in landscape to fill 1/9th the area of the capture.