Camera not showing video

I have this camera from another project:

I am using mac os x high sierra

when I connect the camera to the laptop it shows it as an option in lightburn but there is no video. If I try to use camera in facetime app it works just fine.

What can be the problem


Try this: In the settings is an option to use the default camera resolution, or the highest. I’ve found with some of these ELP cameras, there were issues on OSX if the camera resolution was changed away from the default - the driver locked, or locked out the camera.

it started to show image more often but in 1920x1080 resolution. Until I found that you replayed I played with it a bit more and found out that it is hit or miss. Is the same issue with mac exist with your cameras or it still be the same

Honestly most cameras work well with the Mac (including ours). Mainstream cameras, like Logitech, work very well, but the angle tends to be a bit narrower.