Camera not working in Linux opensuse 15.4

Running lightburn on opensuse 15.4 linux on two computers. A custom built workstation and an older DELL laptop. I recently purchased the Atomstack camera kit for lightburn. I can not get the camera to work on either computer. Also can not get a logitech C720 working on either computer. The respective cameras both show up in the camera window. On the Dell laptop when I select the camera lightburn crashes. On the custom workstation the camera image does not display and I cant move on to the calibration. Both cameras work fine when access with VLC and other video applications. Any ideas on how to get thing working?

LightBurn is only tested to run on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 - any distro other than these two is definitely Your-Miles-May-Vary, and we’re unable to support other distros due to the vast differences between linux flavours.

That said, we do have some Linux folks here on the forum that may be able to chime in and help. had a similar crash to you. However, I don’t believe a root cause was ever identified for why. He got his camera working but only by moving to one of the supported Ubuntu versions.

After a few hours of running LightBurn from Konsole I found the various issues and nailed down a couple things. On the Dell laptop the intel-vaapi-driver was causing the laptop to crash. Removing that driver got both cameras working on the laptop. The image displays now, I still have to work through calibration yet to see if that goes ok. On the custom workstation the gstreamer-plugins-bad package needed to be installed.
I hope this is useful for someone else.

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