Camera not working on Macbook

I bought a cheap camera on Aliexpress, but can’t get it to work with my mac. I filed a dispute and went to buy the lightburn camera, but its sold out again :frowning:

Anyways, any ideas I can try to get this thing to work? Lightburn sees the USB, but there is no preview picture at all.

To check that the camera is “seen” by your mac, do the following… 1) On your mac, goto the “Apple” symbol in the upper left and click on “about this mac”, then “system report”, ( see image 1 ) Then select USB and look for the camera, under USB 2.0 bus. ( see image 2 ). IF you see a camera, like I do, the run the facetime app and see if the camera functions in that app.

I am assuming the camera you bought was for PC only. It MIGHT show up in the USB bus, but may not work in Facetime. This means it is most likely a PC camera and needs a driver to work. Macs do not use “drivers”. Even if the sales ad said “mac compitable”, it may just mean that if you run “windows” on your Mac, it may work. But not straight from the Mac OSX software. Post screen shots of the things I asked about. Just my thoughts…

I had done those thing before, but tried again, I can see it under USB, but like you said, it doesn’t work with facetime. So I think it doesn’t work with OSX.

I agree. Sell that camera and get one specifically saying “works with OSX” NOT “works with MAC”. Good luck.

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Cameras are in stock again, so if you want the real deal, they’re here now.

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Quick question…If (and I’m not expecting this, I’m just scared after this fiasco with the camera I have here) I can’t get yours to work, can I return it? I’m already out the money for this one, so I’m reluctant to spend more without this one resolved.

If it doesn’t work on your machine, yes we’d accept a return.

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