Camera orientation ok?

Hi Guys and Gals, I have probably a dumb question regarding my LB camera but here goes…
I have frankensteined an overhead mount using V-slot rails and gussets and have the camera mounted in-line in the Lightburn case (see pic). Is this ok?

Is there a way to rotate the lens view inside of lightburn. Right now, Horizontal is of course, vertical in my preview windw.
Thanks for any and all advice…

I’ll mention two things.

  1. When you go through the alignment process you need to align 4 markers in a specific order. Did you do that? If so, that should have “fixed” your rotation. At least I think it should have.
  2. There’s an option in Settings that is designed to rotate your camera view by 90 degrees. I haven’t used it but thought it might also work.

Thanks Berainlb. No, I have not done the set up yet, I wasn’t sure if this was an issue I was going to have to manually adjust (rotate cam 90 degrees) by hand or not…

From my understanding, the alignment process auto-corrects any orientation differences. This is why selecting the markers in the correct order is important in the process.

Ok, went through both cam setups, still the same lol. That’s ok, I’ll pull the cam off and set it 90 degrees from what it was and run set up and lens alignment again.

You’re saying neither the alignment process or the 90 degree adjustment in Settings affected the view? If so, that’s odd. I would have expected some difference even if not the desired one.

Ok, I got it sorted out. I spun my camera 90º and ran the Lens calibration and alignment wizards and voila! It works! lol…
Thanks again for your input berainlb. :upside_down_face:

Nice. Glad you were able to get to what you need.

The camera calibration stuff won’t alter the live feed from the camera, but when you click the ‘Update Overlay’ button, it will very definitely correct that, regardless of how you’ve oriented the camera.

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Ahh, Ok, that makes sense. I ended up rotating it and drilling a hole through the mounting bracket and using an M10 and a t-nut to secure it to the v slot. The camera feature is so cool, I’m geekin’ like a 10 year old w/ a new toy lol.
You Guys make a great and invaluable software. I’m still learning it but absolutely love it.
Anyways, thanks for the reply.

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