Camera out of alignment

It’s definitely me and not you guys, but what is the cause of this out of alignment?

Bed nor camera moved at any point.

Does your lid always stop in the same place, or does it have some play to it? Make sure the top of the object is at the focus point of the laser (same focus point you used when running the alignment image) as that’s important too.

Hi Oz,

The camera is mounted on a ‘pole’ attached to the ceiling - it isnt on any moveable objects - and therefore doesn’t have any play.

I placed the material, then took an overlay, positioned the text and lasered.

This was the image immediately after taken using the overlay button.

I get the same results, using a 120° lens. My cam is on the lid, but the lid has remained untouched since installation and calibration. Also, as in your image, I have similar results with the overlay immediately after the cut. A rectangular work piece shows up with a slight belly to it, along the bottom edge.

It’s not been significant enough for me to repeat the calibration process (yet), but since this post, I figured I’d add a nickel to the conversation.

You can fine tune the overlay image with the shift and scale values on the camera control window. It’s sometimes necessary. Have you ever measured / calibrated your machine axis? IE, are you sure that a 200mm square on your machine is actually 200mm? That would affect the camera alignment.

Hi Oz,

I’ve actually not checked this and will do shortly to see if its calibrated! :slight_smile:

Hi Oz,

The square comes out perfectly sized.

The alignment is still not right - I’ve an overhead camera with a 90 degree lens.

I ran the alignment test now and immediately moved the head using jog to the center of the 2 target, and got the following outcome…

If you look at the target for number two, the burn mark 15mm below it, (just a dot) - is where it actually thinks the centre of the target is

Any ideas to further this?

None at the moment, no. The upcoming release includes a huge rewrite of the camera code, and will be out within the next few days - I’m hoping it addresses this issue.


By way of an update - whatever did / did not happen in the new update as fixed this issue.

Immediately after re-running both calibrations the laser is give or take 1mm off, which is almost certainly down to my handy work with the numbers :wink:

Thanks for your help as always

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