Camera overlay adjustment

Good day all, my camera install went well, my alignment is good but my overlay picture does stop short about 11mm from going to the bottom of the bed mesh in lightburn is there a way to adjust it?


You likely don’t have enough available visible image to accommodate the required corrections. Try mounting the camera farther away to provide a wider field of view.

Hmmm. Not sure that’s the cause. I can see way more than my whole extended bed on my Xtool D1 Pro, and I can see all of that in the preview window, but when I press the Update Overlay button, only about 50% of the viewable image is actually put into the overlay. It may be the fact that the camera calibration tool only asks you to scan the dots midway between the center of the view and the max view of the camera. i.e. it doesn’t ask you to lay the dots out at the max edge of your bed even though it’s well within view of the camera. So maybe the software just doesn’t have any data on the fisheyeness at the extremes of the view and just cannot make any adjustments at all. What a waste!
In any case, I think moving the camera up, like you suggest, effectively helps the situation.

Anybody else have any other ideas? I hope I’m wrong.

Your situation and OP’s is different. You can literally see in the screenshot that not enough of the bed is visible to properly provide an overlay.

Your situation is most likely related to the use of the extended bed without recalibration. Based on LightBurn’s assumption of target markers forming a square rather than a rectangle it may be hard to get a great camera alignment for the entire bed although it may still work adequatly.

I’d suggest creating your own Topic with screenshots to get help on your specific situation.

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