Camera/Overlay offsets itself after job is done

Hello I have 600x600mm GRBL laser and today I tried to install overview camera. I went through lens calibration process and also alignment process as it is described in documentation. After that I updated overlay in camera control section. I was able to see overlay as background. Also when I used “Set laser position” Tool (Alt + L) and I turned on laser diode in low power mode, it pointed to the desired place. Then I put any simple job to engrave. When job finished, laser went back to 0,0 coordinates. Till this time everything was correct. Now what happened: I put new material to working area and click on “Update overlay” to see newly added material as background. I sent laser to position again by “Set laser position” Tool (Alt + L) but it didn’t point to the right place. Important to say that I didn’t move anything (camera) or change any settings (offsets). To fix this I had to use offset in Camera control section to move overlay by some values in x and y axis. But after next job, situation repeated but with different offsets. Do you have any idea what could cause such issue?

Hi Boris,

The math of the alignment won’t change, so if it’s becoming misaligned between uses, the camera position, your workspace, or material height must have changed relative to one another.

How are you mounting your camera? Make sure the camera is securely mounted with no wiggle. If it’s on a lid, make sure the lid is returning to the exact position it was in when you did your alignment, and that there is no play in the hinges.

Make sure your entire laser isn’t being jostled and moving as your laser head travels and engraves your job.

If you switch to a thicker or thinner material and do not have an adjustable height bed, that can cause a misalignment (the height between camera and workspace will have effectively changed).

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