Camera overlay picture inverted

I connected ny camera in my gweiki cloud pro and followed instructions to calibrate in lightburn, all seemed to go well, camera works but the overlay image is upside down 1&2are as the bottom 3&4at top
How can I overcome this please

Is this pre or post camera alignment? If pre alignment that’s not an issue. Just pick the targets in order and LightBurn will reorient the image as required. If post alignment that indicates that you did not pick targets in order during the alignment process. Redo this.

Once I burn the targets on board , I click on the overlay and they appear upside down .

I assume you mean during the camera alignment process. If so, that’s fine. Select the targets in numeric order. Once camera alignment process is complete then click “Update overlay” in Camera window. Does the image show right-side up on workspace?

Thank you that worked.

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