Camera Overlay problem Atomstack with extension

I finally got around to getting my camera set up on my atomstack x20 with y axis extention and the setup and calibration seemed to go smoothly but when I tried to calibrate the alignment it tries to center the test file and puts the overlay centered in the workspace. The Y axis shift won’t move it down far enough to be aligned. I can change the Y axis length to the original size and it’s in the right place but when I change it back to the extended size it moves the overlay back to the center of the workspace

You need to have the entirety of the laser bed in view of the camera.

A few suggestions:

  1. physically rotate the orientation of the camera such that the aspect ratio matches the aspect ratio of the bed. In this case, it looks like you’re using the camera in landscape mode when the bed is oriented vertically. You’re wasting pixel resolution that way and also not capturing the entirety of the bed.
  2. adjust the height of the camera mount such that entirety of the bed is well in view. You may need to go higher than expected if your overlap doesn’t cover the entirety of the workspace
  3. rerun camera alignment after repositioning camera

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