Camera overly not opening in work area

I have not found help for this anywhere after hours of searching.

When I use the camera to update an overlay, after a few seconds, flashing on the screen to fast to read is Capturing overlay 100% It only stays on the screen for less than a second. I had to capture a video of it on my phone to even read it.

After updating the overlay, nothing else happens. It doesn’t display in the work window and nothing I do makes it display.

I did the camera calibration at least 4 times with no problem, using both the preset and full calibration and both with the same results, no display of overlay.

I did at one time when I first got the camera select and use align head mounted camera but then used the calibrate camera lens and calibrate camera alignment when I realized my mistake.

I have found others that have had the overlay not display but none of their fixes worked or applied to me.

Trace image works when I import an image.

Don’t know if this helps or even matters but here it is anyway.

Computer is

Lenovo T530

windows 10 Pro

i5 2.90 GHz processor

16GB ram

C drive system disk 250GB SSD 71GB free

D drive 500GB SSD 422GB free

I’m just digging into this now.
Which version of LightBurn are you running?
There is another version that will be out in the next day or two.

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