Camera placement

When installing camera on inside of lid, is the intent to get as close to the table while being able to see the whole table as close as possible? I started the camera calibration and was successful but when doing the alignment, the camera seemed far away. I am going to redo it tomorrow and move the camera halfway down the lid. I have a lid that opens very high. Also, this might be a dumb question but once camera is calibrated and aligned. The final working image you get from the camera should be when the lid is down, correct?

Anyone? Even a guess? lol

The alignment you get with the lid closed will only work if that’s the position in which you calibrated the camera. The best circumstances involve a camera placed at the center of the table vertically, viewing the entire work space.

For practical purposes, you’d place your work, adjust the file in Lightburn, send it and close the lid. Once the file is sent, the camera view is no longer a concern, other than to watch, which really isn’t the primary purpose of this accessory.

It’s important to note that the lid must return to the same position when opened, each time, or your calibration will be off.

Thank you for your help!

We actually cover all of this in our new documentation:

The ‘Mounting and Focusing’ section answers all the questions you asked here.

Thank you, I did not realize the cameras were manual focus either.