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Hi, I just renewed my @lightburn license due to the print and cut camera feature and some other new features. When the cameras are back in stock, I am thinking of getting one for this reason. In the meantime I am doing research.

Q: Is there a detailed video specific to how to do this procedure, and if not, is there any consideration to do so?

Q2: Can the camera be any USB camera, for example a web cam? or is there something special about the Lightburn camera that talks to the software?

PS: I did look at this page but video is so much better for understanding something like this:-) Fingers crossed…

Thank you in advance, Em

Print and Cut doesn’t require a camera (in fact, they work independent of each other).

A: There is a video for setting up the camera, right here on the documentation you posted:

A2: “Sort of”. If you’re using Windows, there’s a limitation in the camera framework we use that means we can’t choose the camera capture resolution, and most of them default to low res (like 640 x 480). The LightBurn cameras are altered by the manufacturer to default to their highest res to get around this problem. The next release of LightBurn includes a from-scratch rewrite of the low-level camera system for Windows 8 and up, and means that any USB camera should work.

If you’re primarily interested in Print and Cut, we don’t have a video for it yet, but the documentation walks you through it here:

Em - so has everything been working ok since you installed the C3D boards, almost a year ago now I think?

Hi @raykholo you remembered:-) Well yes pretty much. I have a K40 using the C3d Mini and the FSL5 using the Laserboard. It was a struggle doing the conversion as you recall, but worth the effort and appreciated the help. Love your boards together with the Lightburn software!

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Thank you @LightBurn I will check out the resources - and now that I have renewed will look for more updates. Yes the print and cut is very desired, since I also do stickers for my business. Right now I am using a Brother Scan N Cut and that is very time consuming but love the scan feature. This machine does not use registration marks like some other types of machines do, which is nice. But at least I understand the registration marks concept and doing it with the CO2 laser once learned, will go so much faster and be able to do larger volume. Thank you for the reply!

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