Camera problem, x-tool d1, LightBurn, Logitech 922

Hi guys
I have been trying to get a camera working with LightBurn and an x-tool di. I have a Logitech 922 webcam which the software recognizes, I am able to go through the calibration and alignment process successfully, when I open the camera control it shows me the image just fine
Problem is when I select update overlay, the laser head moves toward the center of the one axis and stops and the program says the overlay has been updated but doesn’t
Appear on the workspace
Been through the process 3 times with same results.
Haven’t found anything helpful in searching, I have purchased your program and like it, but would really like some help

I suspect you went through either accidentally or intentionally the “Align head mounted camera” process under Laser Tools. If you do this that basically configures your system to use a camera that’s mounted on the laser head. Apparently with the current version there’s no going back from that from within LightBurn.

You could try to remedy one of these ways:

  1. File->Load Prefs Backup - you could go back to an older backup before alignment was done
  2. Very carefully attempt to manually alter the prefs file to remove the unwanted component
  3. Completely delete the prefs file and reconfigure LightBurn
  4. You could potentially upload the prefs file here or to and ask for the file to be reviewed.
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Thanks bro.
Same reply I got from support, really appreciate your help

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