Camera Question for new machine

HI all

i have a question re the camera setup

my machine is a 900 x 600 bed and the door when open is 760mm from the bed height

BUT the door is NOT in the centre of the bed - the point where the camera would mounts is around 250mm from the front edge of the bed …can anyone advise if the 8mp 95 deg camera will work with this machine??


I think it should - the 8mp cameras have a 16:9 aspect ratio, so you have to pretend your machine matches that, and do the math from there:

900 x 600 would be either 900 x 506 (chopping off 50mm on top & bottom) or 1066 x 600 (a little extra image on the left and right). The 8mp / 95 would need to be 710mm up to see the whole bed, so you have a bit of wiggle room.

When you say it’s 250mm from the front of the bed, do you mean 250mm from the edge outside the bed area, or inside it?

so the centreline of the lid sits INSIDE the bed by 250mm (approx) so less than halfway

Then there shouldn’t be an issue. You’re really close to the center, and the camera code can correct for far worse than that.

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