Camera quits working

I like to load several projects to the unused sections of lightburn so I can just slide them onto a project board when one project completes.
The problem I am having is the camera quits working after 10 minutes, I then have to close and exit lightburn. Then I can open lightburn and the camera works again.
Problem started after the recent update.
What can I do to keep the camera working throughout the day.

Are either of your machines going to sleep at any point?

What are your USB Selective Suspend settings set to? You most likely want them disabled for anything like this. They are under control panel → Power Options → Edit Power Plan-> Change Advanced Power Settings

I have had this behavior for well over 6 months, maybe even a year.
Solution for me is the same as described above, change camera to None and back to lightburn.
Happens randomly, sometimes hours apart, sometimes just 10 mins.

Same here… quite annoying… I am going to try to see if this problem also occurs with my laptop connected.

Hey Joe, same problem here. The camera icon goes “gray” and I keep having to go back into Tools to tell it that I have the Lightburn camera. Sometimes this “fix” lasts a few minutes and sometimes for hours. I tried the power option you described above and there is no difference. I just downloaded the latest version, but it still drops out…VERY annoying! Any other ideas or fixes (please)??

yes problems are the same when using different machines

I had also had my camera not work correctly since the update. I have a 5mp USB Amazon buy and the first time I set it up it worked great and then after the newest update it won’t line up at all even redid the camera a couple times and the capture was even horrible. Also try different pre sets. Using with windows 10 and the image also won’t even fill the entire work bed on the over lay but in the live picture it looks perfect.

Don’t use the presets unless you got the camera from us - they’re very specific to each camera.

i only used them as a last resort to see if the camera would come close to lining up to were it was before things went screwy. i even spray painted card board white for the alignment marking to really have a good color contrast and the laser still wouldn’t go to the targets. the frustrating part is it all worked great and now it doesn’t. ill be trying to start from scratch one more time tomorrow. the odd part to me is the live view looks great its when i go to capture things look all messed up

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