Camera Resolution

I have a 90° lightburn camera connected to usb 3.0 port with the supplied cable…my resolution is very low. It is set on high in the settings and is grayed out so I cant change it. The live view seems better than what shows in the overlay capture.

Can you show a screen capture of the preview and the overlay?

I count 42 distinct pixels from 11.0 to 11.5 inches on your display, meaning 42 pixels covering 12mm, or about 3.5 pixels per mm.

The image in your preview isn’t a 90 degree camera - It looks like it could be a 140. The 120 is likely a closer fit for that machine, but the image your getting is reasonable. a 700mm bed at 3.5 pixels per mm would be 2450 pixels across. The 5MP camera takes a picture that is 2592 x 1944 pixels, so you’re more or less spot on. If you could move the camera closer to the bed to fill the view more with the workspace, it would get a little better, but this is a reasonable result.

cant remember for sure but i thought i had ordered a 90 degree…maybe not but i definitely wish it showed a better overlay for aligning small print and cut jobs

I looked it up - you ordered a 140. For Print & Cut, have you tried using the Print & Cut feature? Doesn’t use a camera, just registration marks in the file:

i did but i could not get it to work… it didnt seem to register me selecting the registration marks

Were they single objects? It has to be one object - I just created two lines in a plus shape and grouped them. The center of the object is the registration mark point.

Disregard that…i was thinking the objects would move on screen…i looked at the instructions again an seen that you have to run a preview to see the change…ill use that next time and see if that works better.

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