Camera Selection for large bed

I’m looking to add a camera to our Chinese laser. I have 11" maximum clearance for the camera mount. The Lightburn camera selection tool tells me I need a minimum of 20" for this bed with the 150 degree camera. In the selection tool when I reduce the bed size to 24" x 17" I get 10" minimum clearance.

Can I just install this camera and calibrate it as if I had a 24" x 17" bed size? I think I would rarely need a setup / viewing area larger that this. Or is there another method to get the entire bed in the view?

150w Trocean AWC 708C LITE - 49" x 35".
camera options

Or do most people mount them to use only when the lid is fully open?

This is worth review, Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

In particular, the section titled “Mounting and Focusing”. :slight_smile:

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Perfect. Thank you.

I measured with the door open. 38" - 39" is a safe measurement. The camera selection help section says minimum mounting height is 41.48" for the 8mp W - 85. But the product page says to measure the widest measurement of the bed (49" for me) and divide by 1.6. I come up with minimum mounting heigh of 30.625". That a big difference. So which is it?

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