Camera Selection

Not sure what to think. After reading through numerous posts about the lightburn camera used with LS1630 machines. I see some people using the 140 degree camera. From the bed to my mounting loction (centered over the bed on the open lid) my measurement is 32.5" which is about 825.5 mm. When I do the math on the lightburn web site (762 mm ÷ 1.4 mm = 544.28 mm which is a minimum of 21.4" from camera to bed), it tells me I need a 90 degree camera. Am I missing something?

It’s best to have a little room to work with, so I went with the 120, even though the math added up to the 90.

Thanks for the response

The 120 has a longer focus point than the 90 degree and it does indeed work better than the 90 degree does as far as clarity goes.

Thanks for the input. I ordered the 120 camera.

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