Camera set up for lazer

Need help… I have a sculpfun s30 w10 Lazer and bought the camera attachment to it. I followed the set up video from sculpfun. I have a 400x400mm honeycomb but it is technically a bit smaller than a 400x400mm . I set up the distance of the camera at 350mm from the bed for the x axis. Centered the camera off cross hairs for the horizontal axis. Then, I completed the set up by moving the dotted picture around with the smaller honeycomb. And after finishing the set up the Lazer burns a few millimeters lower than the image drawer on the board. Does anyone know how I would fix it?
The image show the “c” that im trying to trace.

For small adjustments you can use the shift and scale adjustments in Camera window.

However, if you’re dealing with a more substantial variance I’d suggest rerunning your camera alignment. Ideally you’d increase the scale of the target markers as large as they can go for your bed.

If you did not get excellent results for your lens calibration scores you may want to revisit that as well.

You need to center vertically as well, did you do that?

Yes i did center it with the crosshairs on the camera. And the camera alignment was under the 1. I redid it again and got a few millimeters closer. I did see something about the scale adjustment, but i saw that it would be the opposite of which the direction it wouls move. Would that be correct?

I’m not following what you mean by opposite.

The easiest way to adjust is to:

  1. create a large rectangle and burn it onto material
  2. without moving the material or changing the position of the design in workspace, capture an overlay
  3. use scale and shift operations while updating the overlay until the overlay matches the design in workspace
  4. save the adjustments by right-clicking Camera window