Camera Settings not working?

Hi I tried to save camera settings like with and high x and y value for different Material hights but when I am import them again nothing is gonna changed ,
work on Snapmaker 2.0 with z moves for material high and have to adjust the cam sett for different material hights…
any idea???thanks

Your Z axis should always place the material at the same height no matter how thick the material is. Not sure why you would need different camera settings.

Hi thanks 4 answer
the camera is hanging on the roof in the enclosure and shoot downwards on the laser bed if I got 1mm material I do the settings to that high if I got 20mm Material the angle changes and I have to adjust the settings because the focus point comes up it is easy to do with the widh and high settings but saving is not possible reimport does not work always stays on the last setting…aim save it to the Notice page for Jobs…but its a pain in the a…

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