Camera settings

Is there a way to adjust the brightness and contrast of the overlay image…I have added LEDs to my lid to get rid of shadows but now my overlay images are blown out

Unfortunately no, the camera is all automatic controls. A cheap ND filter helps if you’ve added a lot of extra light.

i have discovered using a program for desktop recording i can bring up my lightburn camera and in the adjust camera overlay function i change the settings for the lightburn camera. The program is called Debut professional by NCH.

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You can do this while LightBurn is using the camera? That’s surprising, but cool.

Yes, it works really well. I found it by accident one day when my webcam was not coming on and noticed i had lightburn camera selected in the camera overlay settings so i just tried changing the setting and it worked. While i’m running the job or before i start i can change settings. My Camera Control monitor in lightburn shows the moment i change a setting.

i uploaded a small video of using it while running a job.

Nice discovery, Michael. It would be great if LightBurn could mimic those controls.

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