Camera setup frustrations

I have fought getting my camera setup all afternoon following the lightburn videos. I am not sure I am using the correct height 11.750 plus an extra inch. The number I come up with is not working. I have a 410x400mm working area. I have a 5mp 160 degree camera (not a Lightburn camera). the given specs of the camera is given as the same. What is the correct height I should be using. I have been able to calibrate the lens but after the alignment process the work surface appears as a hour glass. Thank You for any help

Please send as much information as possible.

There are a number of posts as I am sure you have seen in the forum.

You will see the content and the information given such as:

Operating system
Method of comms USB etc.
Images where possible, screenshots

This sort of thing.

The guys will assist I’m sure, but they to will need or ask for the information, sooner or later, sooner being the better ,:crazy_face::sunglasses::sunglasses:

First let me say thank you for responding. I think I have it calibrated now. Was late when I finished the process so haven’t tried it. I finally ended up adjusting the height of the camera until I got a great view of the laser bed, then performed the calibration and ended up with a clear flat view of the bed. Will try the camera today on a actual project, then on to adding limits switches on the Atomstack. Again I really appreciate the help

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Great news…

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