Camera setup hdmi

Hi i am using mac with LB i have a 1080p kodak Zi8 hd camera i thought i would see if i could get that to work it connects to my mac via HDMI but in the camera setting in LB it only shows camera none or my facetime camera is this possible to do or does it need to be USB and if so does the LB camera get picked up automatically when plugged in cheers gerry

It must be a USB camera.

hi Grumpy will it work with any usb web camera or a go pro type its not that i dont want to buy LB camera I’m in OZ and dont want to wait and does Lb pick it up when you plug it in brand new to laser thanks for the help cheers gerry

would this work ELP 5megapixel Usb Camera module,usb with Camera 2592x1944 HD Wide Angle USB Camera for Industrial, Machine Vision,undistorted Imaging,correctable,aptina Sensor

It should work well since you are on a Mac and it will pick up the full resolution.

Cheers Anthony gerry

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