Camera setup, iOS and 8mp

I purchased the light burn 8mp camera a couple of months ago, and have finally taken it upon myself to install it. However, when I opened the camera, it doesn’t look exactly like the 8mp 95 degree in the shop. I installed it, and while trying to calibrate it, I can capture the image and get 5.84, and when I try capture again, I get millions, then hundreds. All without touching the camera at all. I originally bought the camera to try and scan handwritten notes to be able to put onto cutting boards.

Now, if I put the camera at almost 10" higher than the calculated mounting height, I can get the numbers in calibration to work, but the image is blurry no matter how much I try and focus it.

Any suggestions. I am using IOS on mac computer, if that helps.

Open Facetime or the photo app full-screen and use that to focus the image with.

Read through the tips here for calibration:

You shouldn’t have to calibrate it - you can just use the presets.

I have the entire bed covered in white paper, so that is not it. The camera image appears focused when I view the live feed, but does not capture well enough to trace very much of anything unfortunately. I will continue twisting the lens a little at a time, capture and see if that changes. The calibration pattern looked perfect to me when I viewed the video of how to calibrate it, and it is dead flat, spray glued to 1/4 milled aluminum. The focus is at least good enough that if I put a knife on the bed I can get a position pretty close to where I want it, but nothing that I could ever use to trace anything for real use.

It’s not a scanner, and was never intended to be. The capture / trace feature is a fun thing for use with schoolkids and sharpies and was trivial to add - it’s not going to have the dimensional accuracy needed to reproduce parts well.

Thanks, I was thinking it was like the glow forge setup. I’ll stick with the setup I use for my cnc that is tried and works for me.

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