Camera setup & misc questions

Got a bit of a strange situation / some queries regarding lightburn camera / crashing.

First question is whether or not when lightburn crashes (without an error box, so literally just closes) - is there a crash file saved somewhere that would aid in debugging - when i click ‘take image’ on the camera setup it takes an image and i think goes round in circles before crashing out - be interesting to see the error codes.

Second question - just got a new 900x600 yesterday, this is a work in progress camera setup - i have both a 140 lens and 90 lens, i’m hoping to just point it straight at the bed but it doesnt seem to play ball.

When i go through the calibration - i’m not sure if i should be moving the dotted card as obviously they’re designed for a 45 degree angle which im struggling to obtain - was hoping to just shoot from above and be done with it - which i did have working on my k40

I dont even need the whole bed in view, just a small section.

In any event, when i go through the calibration clicking many times to get a low number, selecting the best ones, when i get to the 4 circles, i take an image and even through i can see it on the preview, when i press capture, i get a black screen…

any ideas!

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