Camera Setup Problems

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro
Ortur Pro Enclosure (made by Ortur)
3D printed mount from Ben Myers Workshop on Etsy
Microsoft Surface Laptop
Lightburn 5mp 120 Camera (mounted to enclosure door, 26 inch high)

I ran both calibration and alignment. Note that the pattern printed about 6 by 8. Seemed larger than described in video.

Couldn’t get the pattern to show. Not once. Selected 5mp 120 from drop down. Alignment seemed to go fine.

Current symptoms.

  1. Camera doesn’t seem to stay “current”. Don’t know how else to describe it. For example, first time I open the Camera Console I can Update Overlay. Then the Update Overlay button grays out. The only way I can get it activate again is to select another camera. Then reselect Lightburn Camera again. Happens in all panels. Including calibration. Sometimes I need to backout of a calibration dialogue and reselect to get the camera “current” again.
  2. The Overlay seems to be out of sync with the camera. I place an object on the material in the overlay. Shift-Frame or Start a burn. And the laser starts about a quarter inch below the material. Half inch below the object in the material.

Not sure where my problems lie. But I think I have at least 3 things that need to be addressed -

  1. Manual calibration doesn’t seem to be working.
  2. The camera doesn’t seem to stay “current”. Again not sure about wording here.
  3. The alignment seems off.

Any ideas on where to start? Re-aligning seems easy enough. That step completed. But manual re-calibration won’t work until I can get it to recognized the pattern.


Walt Kirspel

I have reprinted the pattern at a smaller size. That seems to improve my calibration efforts.

I can get thru the first couple of scans with excellent results.

However the connection problem seems to be killing me. After the first 2 or 3 locations the Capture button is grayed out. And I need to restart.



I have resolved part of my problems.

I swapped out the computer. And now the issues with graying out of camera buttons and dropping connection are resolved.

I believe the issues related to using a Microsoft Surface computer. With only one USB port. Forcing me to use a hub.

Now I can get all the way through Camera Calibration until the last scan. Can’t get a score better than 100. And that score actually has me positioning the pattern close to the middle. Not the back.

Which is leading me back to camera positioning issues? As pictured in the first comment the camera is high on the door. About 26 inches from the surface board. And possibly cutting off part of the rear.

I have the Lightburn 5mp-120 camera. Can it be positioned anywhere on the enclosure? Sides? Back top?

BTW, is that camera “fish eye”?


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