Camera showing weird image, comes up as different camera

I bought two lightburn cameras like 2 plus years ago from your site (8mp) and had an issue with one and i sent it back and got my new one. Just was busy and didnt ever have time to set them up. Now i finally made new mounts for these and plug them into each computer. One showed up as lightburn camera and the other is giving me a weird picture and says its a chromacam avs? Any ideas? Thought it qas maybe miasing a driver and saw you link a win10 driver and that page no longer works.

anyone ever see this before?

Are you certain that’s coming from the LightBurn camera? ChromaCam looks like it’s software made to remove backgrounds or green screen from live video. Is it possible you installed this software on your computer?

Does installing or removing your camera change the list of cameras listed in that screen?

Try opening a regular camera app on your computer and seeing if you can see video from the camera.

ive never even heard of chromacam or have anything like this installed. i plugged it into my other computer and still same picture so i know its the correct camera. also opened the camera app on my laptop and selected between the two cameras so i know for sure this is it.

sorry missed one. i tried looking for this camera but wasnt sure how to delete and try a reinstall. i plugged it in and mustve turned away so did not see what is said while it installed the drivers. but my other exact same camera i did see it say installing lightburn camera drivers.

Will need @LightBurn folks to take a look.

If this is an official LightBurn camera you may want to send an email to and reference this Topic. Something odd going on.

we figured it out. my cord came unplugged from the camera board. i didnt notice bc it was still inside of the case.

Glad you got it.

I’m confused, though. If the cable was unplugged from the board it should not have been reporting a camera and should not have been connecting to the computer. Is it still showing up as a ChromaCam AVS?

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