Camera skewed on the bed overlay

Please could you help with some advice?

I was cutting fine the last week, and this afternoon I opened a design file I used about middle of last year.

I wanted to then cut the design and when I clicked update overlay on the camera all of a sudden the overlay image of my bed skewed at the bottom.

This only happened between the last two cuts.

I tried everything I know and could read up on, and nothing restored the camera view as before.

Steps I tried:

Restored preferences from day before - no change

Removed my windows camera drivers, and re-setup the camera - no change
Re-setup and calibrated re-calibrated my camera inside Lightburn - no change

Even used a new camera and setup from scratch, calibrated and aligned, nothing changed

Fiddled with everything I could read up on the forums and found no matches

As you can see in the image, the bed overlay view is the problem.
The bottom corners are skewed inward.

The camera control window shows camera view, but in the bed, you will see the purple circle close to perfect alignment horizontally, but yet the bed vertically overlay is skewed as in the red circles

Any advice will be appreciated

I’ve seen lid deflection do stuff like this.

If the camera is mounted to the lid, check to make sure the edge is lined up perfectly then push slightly on the top. Sometimes the gas-lift struts will lift the lid off the stops and create the shape you’re seeing. set a big book, thermos, wooden block or whatever, on the lid and see how much (if any) the image changes.

I’m suspicious that some of the nice flat panels have symptoms of oil-canning where they pop in and out because of the way sheet metal is stretched and bent.

I found the solution: I hope
I redid the calibration and did the alignment again, and it did not change
After that I redid the alignment one more time just as a test and it corrected the view of the bed.

Now consistently the overlay is perfect as before

It seems when the overlay is taken as a snapshot something goes wrong with it, and doing the alignment twice after each other it corrected whatever went wrong.

Once thing to keep in mind is that the overlay is just a picture at a point time placed over the bed view

Which operating system are you running on “High end own built desktop”?
Win 10, Win 11, Linux flavour?
I’m interested in curating camera concerns and helping out with this subject matter.

I am running Win 10 Pro

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