Camera stopped working

Camera was up and running and needed alignment. Was going through the steps and then just stopped working. Not recognized at all by software anymore. Everything is plugged in, tried different port. Software is up to date and running 1.2.01. macOS Monterey 12.5. Had camera about 2 weeks, ordered it on August 15, 2022 from Lightburn, LB_CAM-8MP120-W. Suggestions? Thanks

Make sure your USB connection is secure on both ends. Are you connected through any USB hubs or extenders? If so, try taking them out of line and connecting directly.

If it’s still not working after checking on those things, check and see if you get a picture if you open it with Photobooth. If not, email, and we can get this sorted out for you.

The cord was bent and we replaced it and now it works. Thanks

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