Camera trace then cut that exact image in that exact spot?

I have a lightburn camera and it is awesome!

I am trying to use the camera trace function and then cut out exactly what I just traced exactly where I just traced from but when I attempt to do so the laser moves to a completely different position and cuts there instead. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

How far away is ‘completely different’ and is the attempted engraving oriented correctly (pointed in the right direction)? Also, please let me know if the object you traced is symmetrical. if it’s the same left to right I can’t tell if it’s reversed.

Depending on how far away ‘completely different’ is, Camera Alignment may have been overlooked or the camera could have been bumped or moved after calibration.

Please repeat the Camera Alignment procedure in the docs.

When you open the Camera Control window in LightBurn, please click ‘Save Settings’ before proceeding with Alignment. It might be wise to have a fallback position just in case.

If it’s not set for Absolute Coordinates, that will happen.

Also, make sure you haven’t moved the traced outline elsewhere the workspace, because that’s easy to do: it should still overlay the camera image.

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My husband flipped the camera around after making some adjustments to the frame and neglected to mention it. Whoops!

Thank you for the help, the realignment fixed it for me.

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