Camera Trigger on demand + mid job

Hi there. I’m running a customized ACRO Openbuilds with an Optlaser, on a Protoneer CNC Board. It’s been running smooth as a sail and with Lightburn to thank for that.

I’ve been wondering if there has been someone who has been experimenting with adding a camera for recording. I’ve attached a GoPro to the laser and succesfully shot some, altough I’d like to automate the process and I was wondering if there would be a way to initialize a record on a camera (Through LANC) from an arduino that is triggered once a pin goes to high (coolant for example). And if I could trigger that midway into a session.


Could you just write a macro that you send from Lightburn at the right time?

Hey Blake, would you have any pointers where to start on this? I’d be interested to figure this out and share the result.


I’m not really familiar with the gcode side of things, but if you go to console (window -> console), it gives you the option to type in gcode I think, and save it as a macro. I think you could just run the gcode to turn on your coolant, and have it start the camera like you were saying.

You can type and send gCodes via console.
To program a macro, right click on that macro button. You will get a pop up dialog to name the macro and enter the gCode it will send.

How about automating that Gcode sending to trigger mid job based on some external parameter?

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