Camera unequal light problem

How can you handle the light changing issue with your camera?
I have a light at the back of the machine and at the bottom of the rail+ at the ceiling.
Some point the camera view is too light, cant see well the shapes or engraved lines, at the other side this is too dark…
I have an idea, to add led stripes around the table, so all area has a similar light. And a switch for the led at the bottom of the rail.
Or would be better to add leds to the bottom of the table?

You’ve basically asked the question we could have asked you… this is very dependent on your machine and its environment and it is you who is best placed to find the answer!

You should try as you suggested, to set the light levels as evenly as possible. We can not know if its better to do this with side LED strips and a switch for the gantry lights or another way, but I think you’ve found your starting point.

That works surprisingly well:

More details on the shades keeping the glare out of my eyes:

Highly recommended!

Perfect. There is a direction for the light. Camera won’t see the LED strips… Maybe I try to find a mirrored acrylic. Would be good for some other projects too. Thanks

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