Camera update overlay problem since upgrading to lightburn software 1.103

The update overlay is not behaving correctly since I updated Lightburn to version 1.103 yesterday. It was working prior to the update. I’m running Windows 11 on a Dell laptop. The camera screen is frozen and the overlay option is grayed out. I’ve rebooted the laptop. That did nothing. I’ve disconnected and reconnected the camera and laser to the laptop and tried different usb ports. I’ve turned off the laser and the laptop. I got the overlay to happen once but that’s it with turning everything off. Suggestions on how to fix? Thanks!

There are two things that tend to foul up cameras after an update;
Permission and activation.

If you’re willing, activate the camera (and microphone) in another application before starting LightBurn. I don’t know why Microsoft wants the microphone on but i’ve seen it as a stumbling block 3-4 times.

Once that’s on and working, go into the Control Panel in Windows and confirm that apps are allowed to use the camera. It’s step #5 in this handy reference.

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